Malaysia's Makkal Sakthi low on power

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Kuala Lumpur, Jan.23 (ANI): The newly-formed Malaysia Makkal Sakthi Party's descent into divisive chaos with rival factions going for each other's jugular has put paid to a grand plan to give the Indian poor a strong political voice of their own.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak launched the party on October 10, last year, amid great fanfare, hope and enthusiasm among party leaders.

More than 3,000 members gathered at a large hall in Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, for the launch.

Banners were strung up everywhere to welcome the new party, with a multi-racial dance performance, and Barisan leaders and businessmen were in attendance to give an encouraging hand to the new kid on the block.

With the powerful Makkal Sakthi or People's Power name on its banner, there were high hopes that the new party, whose leaders were starting fresh and on a clean slate, would win the hearts and minds of the alienated Indian poor.ragically now, several months later, the party's top leadership who stood shoulder to shoulder on the stage at the launch, is deeply divided and are unable to come together to fulfil the mission expected of them.

The leaders are now feuding and axing each other as the 50,000-strong membership and most of the Indian poor are left in shock, watching from the sidelines.

The faction led by deputy president A. Vathemurthy which enjoys the loyalty of 14 of the 27 Central Committee members announced last week that it had "sacked" president R.S Thanenthiran giving various reasons, including alleged failure to lead and provide direction to the party.

Thanenthiran announced that he had "sacked" the 14 members for alleged indiscipline.

Although mid-level leaders in the movement, they came into prominence after the five key Hindraf leaders were arrested under the Internal Security Act in December 2007.

The once promising Makkal Sakthi party may well end up like the IPF if the feud persists. (ANI)

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