Hotel refuses customer toothpick on 'health, safety' grounds!

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London, January 22 (ANI): A man in Britain was declined a toothpick at a hotel on health and safety grounds.

A former deputy headteacher, John Freeman, enjoyed a 70-pound meal at Macdonald Portal Golf and Spa Hotel in Tarporley, Cheshire, on New Year's Eve.

But when he asked for a toothpick after he had finished his dinner, he was refused.

"The waiter apologised but said he was not allowed to give me a toothpick for health and safety reasons. I asked if he was joking, but he said it wasn't April 1 and that there weren't any in the hotel," the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

Freeman complained to the manager, but that didn't help either.

He said: "She took the point and agreed the situation was ludicrous at best, but assured me there had been a directive from head office not to provide toothpicks because they are potentially dangerous.

"It's such nonsense. It is the sort of thing which is making this country unliveable. Health and safety and political correctness are driving this country into a corner. It just seems ridiculous that a hotel like this would behave in such a way."

Meanwhile, local dentist Ray McNamara said: "This doesn't surprise me in this health and safety age. I suppose they are worried about people flicking their crowns out or injuring themselves and then blaming the hotel." (ANI)

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