Undies wearing pair left red-faced after cops pull them over for breath test!

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Melbourne, Jan 20 (ANI): A couple, who were wearing just undies as they went for a takeaway, were left red-faced when cops pulled them over for a random breath test.

Dee Cunningham, 32, and her husband Mick had wanted to grab a bite to eat, and had had no intentions of getting out of their car.

"It was after 8pm and we quickly wanted to get something to eat," the Daily Telegraph quoted Cunningham as telling the NT News.

"We had no intentions of getting out of the car, as it was pouring down rain and we only wanted to get something at a drive-through - no harm going in undies," she said.

She further revealed that she had thought about going in the nude, but luckily changed her mind before getting into the car.

"Hubby told me not to even bother with undies and only put a singlet on ... well I almost did that, but then thought 'hell no, if we got into a prang I didn't want the ambos finding me with no undies on - or my mum having to identify me naked'," she explained.

The mother-of-two said it was the "most bloody embarrassing" experience to face police almost naked, when she and her husband were pulled over for a random breath test.

"There we were, hubby only in his boxer shorts, and this copper pulls us over - 'uh oh' was all we said," she recalled.

Cunningham said she spotted a smirk on the police officer's face when the couple had to turn on the interior lights to find their licences.

"I know the police officer saw enough of us, but he pretended not to look," she said.

"To make the matter worse, the advertising on our car is 'The Love Shop' - so the cops must have had a hell lot of fun with us. I am so glad we did not have to get out of the car," she stated.

Cunningham said she had learned her lesson and would never again leave the house in her knickers - but she said her affection for being in the nude ran in the family.

"My dad was once caught streaking at a cricket game and made headlines - mum just thinks it's hilarious having a family like us," she added. (ANI)

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