UK school teacher breaks Guinness record for longest football throw-in

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London, Jan. 19 (ANI): A UK school teacher has broken world's longest football throw-in record with his special flip throw that can cover half the length of a football field.

Halifax-based Physical Education teacher Danny Brooks perfected a special flip throw, which launched the ball a whopping 49.78 metres.

"I used to be a gymnast and realised I could do a flip while holding the ball. Just like a shot putter or discus thrower, I thought that if I could get the angles and timings right I could beat the record," The Sun quoted Brooks, 28, as saying.

Brooks, who teaches at Brooksbank School Sport College in Elland, attempted the Guinness World Record in December but didn't find out whether he had broken the record until a few days ago.

"I had to send them an evidence pack with film, photos and three statements, including one from a referee to say that I had done it," he said.

Brooks was sitting with his wife Stephanie, 26, when he got the letter confirming the record through the post.

"It suddenly hit home. I couldn't believe I was the best in the world at something," he said.

Brooks got the idea after watching Stoke player Rory Delap cause chaos to defenders with his ability to launch a football into the penalty box from the sidelines.

"I thought, I can do that. Now eat your heart out Rory Delap," he said.

Brooks smashed the previous record of 48.17 metres set by American Michael Lochner in Ohio in 1998. (ANI)

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