Manuscript detailing Newton's apple moment made public

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London, Jan 18 (ANI): A manuscript revealing the original story of how Sir Isaac Newton was inspired by a falling apple to discover the law of gravity has now been made available to general public.

The account of Newton's "eureka" moment is a part of William Stukeley's 1752 biography of the great scientist.

Until now, it was hidden away in the Royal Society's archives.

But now anyone with Internet will be able to access it.

The manuscript is one of a number of archive documents being published online by Britain's leading academic institution to mark its 350th anniversary.

"Stukeley's biography is a precious artefact for historians of science and I am delighted that it is being made available today, along with other treasures from the archives, in a format that allows anybody to view them as if they were holding the manuscript in front of them," the Scotsman quoted Lord Rees, president of the Royal Society - and Newton's modern-day successor - as saying.

Also available online is the design for Thomas Paine's revolutionary iron bridge, philosopher John Locke's contribution to an early version of the American constitution, and rare natural history illustrations from the 17th to the 19th centuries. (ANI)

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