US not for playing mediatory role in S. Asia: Rao

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New Delhi, Jan.17 (ANI): The Obama administration has assured the Indian Government that it has no intention of playing a mediatory role in issues concerning India and Pakistan, said Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao.

During an interview with Karan Thapar on the CNN-IBN Devil's Advocate programme, Rao said: "The United States is fully sensitised to our concerns. They consulted us closely in the run up to the AFPAK strategy's formulation and we continue to remain in close touch with our American interlocutors on this."

"America is well aware of India's approach to these issues, our concerns about terrorism emanating from Pakistan, our desire to see a secure and stable Afghanistan; and that will involve tackling the sources of terrorism in our region. And America understands that Pakistan continues to provide safe haven to a number of terrorists operating in our region," she added.

"President Obama and the American Administration have told us over and over again that they have no desire to play a mediatory role on issues concerning India and Pakistan," Rao said.

She also said that the relationship between India and the United States is a strategic, global partnership.

"There is confidence, there is trust in this communication that India and the United States have. And the United States is well aware of our position on this," Rao said.

She also ruled out the possibility of the relationship between India and Pakistan being re-hyphenated either because of the way the Obama Administration views South Asia or because of the way events are playing out.

"Our relationship with the United States is a mature relationship. It is one of the defining partnerships of the times as President Obama said so eloquently during our Prime Minister's visit," she said. (ANI)

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