Bloody letter that shows Van Gogh's turmoil set to go on display

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London, Jan 17 (ANI): Vincent van Gogh's letters, wherein he expresses his disillusionment about his ability as an artist and a man, are set to be showcased alongside his paintings in an exhibition.

Almost 120 years after the master painter committed suicide, his paintings, called "worthless" in his times, are worth at least 25million pounds.

His letters, which will be seen outside Holland for the first time, include a blood-spattered note to his brother Theo.

Van Gogh never sent the note to his brother, but Theo found it on his body after the artist committed suicide.

"My reason has half-foundered in my work," Times Online quoted Van Gogh, as writing in the note.

In this letter written on July 23, 1890, he addressed his brother Theo, who was attempting to work as his art dealer and said: "As far as I know and can judge I think you really act with humanity, but what can you do?"

Later that day Van Gogh wrote another letter to Theo, which he did send to him.

It starts by saying: "I'd like to write to you about many things, but first the desire has passed to such a degree, then I sense the pointlessness of it."

But he adds: "I am applying myself to my canvases with all my attention. I'm trying to do as well as certain painters whom I've liked and admired a great deal."

This letter also contained a sketch of the wheat field he had just painted. It is believed this was the same field where the 37-year-old shot himself a few days later.

None of his paintings were sold while he lived and it was his brother Theo who helped Van Gogh with money.

However, Van Gogh's paintings have left a lasting impression on 20th century art, so much so that 93 of his works featured at the Royal Academy in "The Real Van Gogh: The Artist and his Letters" are valued at least 3billion pounds.

The exhibition, which opens on Saturday, has 40 letters, all addressed to Theo except one, along with 63 paintings and 30 drawings. (ANI)

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