US expert predicts tumultuous time for 'unstable' Pak in 2010

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Washington, Jan.14 (ANI): The year 2010 would bring with itself a number of new problems for Pakistan and the situation in the country is going to get worse, a top US expert has predicted.

Bruce Riedel, who co-authored the review of Afghanistan and Pakistan Policy for the White House in March 2009, has warned that the current tumultuous situation in Pakistan is unlikely to change.

Riedel opined that while the Pakistan Army would keep it self out of the country's politics, it would remain apprehensive about the state's situation.

"Violence is likely to get worse in Pakistan as well. Two key questions will be whether the various jihadist movements congeal together and whether the army can maintain its cohesion," he said.

According to Riedel, President Asif Ali Zardari would be removed from the office or become a figurehead. Nawaz Sharif will be the powerbroker in the politics of 2010. The army will stay out of politics but it will be increasingly anxious about the country's future.

Riedel also warned that any more Mumbai style attacks would eventually ignite a full-scale war in the region that could 'destroy everything.'

"Two wild cards could destabilize everything. Another mass casualty attack in India like Mumbai 2008 could take the subcontinent to the brink of war or worse. A successful al-Qaeda attack on the U.S. would also bring enormous pressure on Pakistan to act or face unilateral American military moves," he said. (ANI)

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