Antelopes play havoc with crops in Bihar

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Paliganj (Bihar), Jan.14 (ANI): Antelopes have become a major cause of worry for farmers in Bihar who are on a strict vigil round the clock these days to protect their crops from being affected in Bihar's Paliganj area.

Antelopes venture out in the fields in herds and trample and eat up the standing crops.

Farmers are in a state of abject panic and are disappointed at the inaction of the government and keep a vigil. The hardest part of all this is to stay put entire night in the open when mercury plummets.

The crops have not been good because of scanty rainfall, and the antelopes aggravate the situation.

"Antelopes are destroying our crops, we are up all night to defend our crops against these menacing antelopes. Already, this season had not been good for crops. We have somehow irrigated the crops despite the fact that the canal we use to irrigate our crops is exhausted. To add to the trouble these antelopes play havoc with the scant crops. This is seriously bothering the farmers," said Pankaj Kumar, a farmer from Paliganj.

Farmers rue the fact that despite approaching the administration, the complaints and appeals have not been paid any heed.

Farmers says the governmental apathy has added insult to their injury.

"Government is not helping us at all. They say that animal slaughter is an offence but are we left with any choice?" said Om Prakash, a farmer, Paliganj.

Antelope menace has serious consequences and if fencing or any other barriers are not installed they would continue to harm the farmers. By Ajay Kmuar (ANI)

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