Core of happiness is to follow your heart: Amir Khan

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Mumbai, Jan 13 (ANI): Bollywood actor Aamir Khan on Wednesday spread the message of his latest film '3 idiots' and advised the youth to follow their hearts in life.

Khan felicitated five lucky winners of an integrated media campaign by a tea brand and the film. The campaign showcased a pledge taken by youth against corruption.

While talking to reporters on the sidelines of the event, Khan said that one should not run after success and just concentrate on the work.

"The core of it is to follow your heart and to do what makes you happy. And I completely endorse that; I completely believe that," said Khan.

"One should follow what makes you happy and you should do that without compromising with that, and in that journey you should ideally not... don't worry about running after success; try and do what you are doing as well as you can, and concentrate on that, and if you achieve that then success will come after you," he added.

In his acting and filmmaking career, the actor had lately been on a research spree for some of his films on the education system, for children as well as the adults.

Aamir's self-directed film 'Taare Zameen Par' was based on the story of a dyslexic child whereas his recently released '3 Idiots' revolves around three friends, whose attitude towards grade point averages at an engineering institute influence their friendship, love life and career choices.

Meanwhile, Khan also spoke about his upcoming movie 'Pipli Live', written and directed by debutant director Anousha Rizvi, who is a former journalist.

"The topic is very serious but it's presented in a very satirical manner. So it's a satire on Indian society, it's a satire on administration, on local politics and it also shows connection of local politics with national politics. So satirical look on about administration, political life, media, society, you, me and all of us, and on the way we react to certain things," said Khan.

Khan added that movie is a about a small village and has no other known actors. The film has received 'A' certificate from the Censor Board. The movie is about farmer suicides and uses very rustic language, the one commonly heard in villages.

The movie has already earned an official entry into Sundance Film Festival. (ANI)

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