Radio Pakistan's sympathy for drug addicts in Punjab villages

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Bathinda, Jan.11 (ANI): In its recent Punjabi Durbar programme Radio Pakistan has talked about the 'compelling circumstances' that make individual take to drug addiction in Punjab villages, as it says farmers in Punjab are economically backward and are taking to drugs due to stress.

Local residents say that the programme of Pakistan radio is only spreading falsehoods. They find such a generalisation of farmers baseless.

"Pakistan is keen to malign our youth. They are targeting the youth especially in Punjab to draw them to drug trafficking and forcing them to adopt bad habits. The youth here are not addicted to drugs " said Paramjeet Singh Grover, a social worker.

Much before creating a general picture of Punjabi farmers as drug-addicts, Broadcasters of Radio Pakistan must have thought about the kind of progress farmers' community has registered in India over the years and their dedication and work is appreciated not just in this country but across the world.

If one has to believe Radio Pakistan's allegation, the first question arises who is giving them such drugs? Isn't it coming via a country which is today in international news for all wrong reasons and causing trouble all around.

Everyone knows that the drugs smuggled into India come through Pakistan which shares a large border with India and Punjab state in particular.

It would be better if Radio Pakistan shows extra concern for its own people . Being known as Mecca of terror and terrorists besides a corrupt political set up is certainly not a good for Pakistan. Radio Pakistan would do a good job if it focuses on its country's and problems and challenges faced by people living there. (ANI)

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