Iranian protestor Neda Soltan's grave desecrated again by Iran Govt supporters

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London, Jan. 8 (ANI): The grave of Neda Soltan, a student protester, who was shot dead by the Iranian militia while demonstrating against the rigged presidential elections, was defaced by the supporters of the Iranian Government for the second time.

Photographs showed that the black marble slab on which her face is engraved was pockmarked by bullets even though security agents guard the grave around the clock to prevent it from becoming a martyr's shrine.

Soltan's family put the new tombstone in place on December 14 after the previous one was smashed in mid-November, The Times reports.

But Neda's parents discovered the fresh damage on December 31.

"They didn't just shoot her once. They continue to shoot at Neda to this day by desecrating her grave," Soltan's fianci, Caspian Makan, said.

The Iranian regime has stepped up efforts to suggest that Neda, 26, was not shot by one of its Basij militiamen.

According to a new documentary produced by Iranian state television, Neda was an agent of the US and Britain and that her death was a hoax. It suggests that she squeezed fake blood over herself as she lay on the pavement but was then shot dead by her fellow conspirators in the car that took her away - presumably to silence her.

The regime has since claimed that she was killed by British and US intelligence agents. (ANI)

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