Chidambaram urges parties to help find a solution on Telangana issue

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New Delhi, Jan 5 (ANI): Union Home Minister P Chidambaram appealed to political parties in Andhra Pradesh to help the Central Government find a solution to the Telangana issue.

In his opening statement at a meeting of eight recognized political parties from Andhra Pradesh, he said the agenda is to "deliberate on the mechanism and lay down a road map for the consultations".

"I urge each of the political parties represented here to show accommodation and goodwill. Ultimately, you must find the answers and you must help the Central Government find a solution," he added.

He said though the agenda for this meeting may appear limited, but he is confident that if we take one step at a time we will eventually, find a solution.

Chidambaram further asked the parties to give their views on what is the mechanism and the road map for consultation among parties and groups.

"While we deliberate on these issues and take forward the process of consultations, we must recognise the fundamental importance of restoring normalcy in Andhra Pradesh. There must be a halt to agitations and shutdown. Law and order must be maintained," he said.

"Government must be able to focus on development and the welfare of the people. It is in the interest of all sections of the people of Andhra Pradesh that peace and harmony prevail while the consultations take place," he added.

Chidambaram also sought to dispel a number of misconceptions on the Telangana issue.

"There is a misconception that the central government acted in haste; that the political parties were not consulted; and that I, as Home Minister, acted as an individual. As you are all well aware, none of these misconceptions is supported by facts, but I shall not waste your time refuting these conceptions," he added.

For more than a month, there have been violent protests virtually every day.

In early December, Chidambaram announced that a new state had been sanctioned by the Centre. A gigantic backlash erupted within hours, with over a 100 MLAS from non-Telangana regions resigning in protest. (ANI)

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