Oz govt urged to send Aussie guards for squad during Delhi Commonwealth Games

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New Delhi, Jan. 4 (ANI): With the looming threat of terrorism on this year's Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, Australian terrorism experts have urged Canberra to send its own armed guards to look after its athletes in the Indian capital.

ABC News quoted Professor Clive Williams, from ANU's Strategic and Defence Study Centre, as saying: "We should take the kind of security the United States and Israel provides to their athletes at the Olympics and have a dedicated element that goes with them and can provide appropriate protection, liaise with the local authorities and so on."

"I think we really need to be able to provide our own security for our own athletes so that if there is a flaw in the Indian security arrangements, we can step in and provide the necessary security," he added.

Meanwhile, Athletics Australia said that athletes will have the option of turning up just for their own event and then flying out again, to minimise their time in India.

Professor Williams believes that attacks at the Games would most likely be against athletes from countries with troops in Afghanistan.

"There are something like 800 active terrorist cells within India and essentially they can mount attacks within the country at any time. We need to be conscious of the fact that having troops in Afghanistan will create problems for the teams from England, Canada and Australia," he said.

However, Athletics Australia CEO Danny Corcoran has announced that the "fly-in fly-out" arrangement will be offered to athletes who are concerned about the risk of terrorist attacks on the games.

"That might very well be an outcome, where athletes express that they would like to come in at the last moment before they compete, and leave as soon as they finish their competition," Corcoran said.

"So we're very conscious of the issue, but we are relying on the various authorities, the Commonwealth Games Association plus the Indian government and its resources to provide a safe Games for athletes and officials," he added. (ANI)

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