'Regular' coffee is irregular use of language, urges campaign

Posted By: Staff
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London, Jan 2 (ANI): The word 'regular' should not be used to describe cup sizes when serving hot drinks in cafes and coffee shops, a pressure group has urged.

The Plain English Campaign, which battles against the use of gobbledegook and jargon, has claimed that cafes should stop offering "regular" coffees and instead ask customers if they want "small, medium or large".

A spokeswoman said that 'regular' is a meaningless term to describe a drink size in cafes.

"Almost every cafe now seems to ask if you want 'regular', " Times Online quoted her as saying.

"They seem to use the word 'regular' when they really mean 'small' or 'medium'. That's not what 'regular' means; it's irregular use of language.

"Large is the opposite of small, not the opposite of regular. The comedy duo was Little and Large, not Regular and Large - and small, medium and large are all regular sizes. Perhaps we should start asking for an irregular coffee? I wonder what that would be?" she added. (ANI)

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