Body scanners at Britain airports soon

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London, Jan 2: Amid the increasing terror threats, Britain is seriously considering the introduction of body scanners along with new security mesures in a bid to bolster airport security.

Naming the failed attempt to bring down Northwest Airlines Flight 253 to Detroit last week as a 'wake up call' for Britain, Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Saturday, Jan 2, underlined the need to thawart changing terrorist techniques by updating security measures.

"We need, therefore, to continually explore the most sophisticated devices capable of identifying explosives, guns, knives and other such items anywhere in the body," Brown said on the official site of the Prime Minister's Office.

"So - in cooperation with President Barack Obama and the Americans - we will examine a range of new techniques to enhance airport security systems beyond the traditional measures, such as pat-down searches and sniffer dogs," he said.

"These could include advancing our use of explosive trace technology, full body scanners and advanced x-ray technology," he added.

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