Ancient tomb of Chinese general Cao Cao is genuine, say experts

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Washington, December 31 (ANI): Experts have determined that the third century tomb of Chinese politician and general Cao Cao, who was infamous in East Asia for his Machiavellian tactics, is authentic.

The tomb, discovered in Xigaoxue village near the ancient city of Anyang in Henan Province, has an epitaph and inscription that appear to refer to Cao Cao.

According to a report in Digital Journal, Pan Weibin, leader of the archaeological team, said that the most powerful piece of evidence that the find is genuine is the tomb complex.

"They all carry the inscription 'The Invincible King of Wei', which is Cao's temple name. It shows they use to be his belongings," he said.

In addition, he said historical chronicle says Cao died at 66, while the remains found in the tomb belongs to a male around 60.

Pan calls it a "perfect match."

Bones of two females, aged around 50 and 20 respectively, were also found in the same tomb.

Pan added that the identity of the tomb owner has been verified by various archaeologists, all of whom have agreed he should be Cao Cao, a brutal dictator and a renowned poet in ancient China.

The 1,800-year-old tomb, located in Anyang, Henan Province, is about 100 square meters, including two living rooms and two bedrooms, experts say.

Cao Cao was the final chancellor of the Eastern Han dynasty, who went on to form his own state during the political turmoil of the Three Kingdoms period. (ANI)

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