Nigerian bomber a sexually frustrated loner, says website

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London, Dec. 30 (ANI): Umar Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian bomber who tried to blow up the Detroit-bound US airliner on Christmas Day, is a sexually frustrated loner who nurtured fantasies about holy war, according to The Sun.

The glimpses of the twisted mind of the al-Qaeda fanatic could be seen on a Islamic web forum where he posted hundreds of messages. I wont go into too much details about me fantasy, but basically they are jihad fantasies. I imagine how the great jihad will take place, how the Muslims will win insha'Allah and rule the whole world, and establish the greatest empire once again!," he wrote in 2005 when he was 19.

In another, he said: "Killing is only permitted in jihad."

And in a third, he complained of being depressed during his days at a boarding school in Togo.

"As I get lonely, the natural sexual drive awakens and I struggle to control it, sometimes leading to minor sinful activities. This problem makes me want to get married to avoid getting aroused," he said.

Abdulmutallab used to write cheerfully about football in early parts of 2005.

"Liverpool is my chosen club," though he rated Chelsea's "classy" Frank Lampard as a better player than Kop idol Steven Gerrard.

But later in the year, his stance changed dramatically.

"I honestly don't think the prophet would sit back, relax and enjoy watching Beckham kick the ball around. I think football is a doubtful matter... let's save our honour and religion and try and stay away from football," he said.

Some of his postings also reveal the "dilemma (he faced) between liberalism and extremism" as a Muslim.

"I deviate sometimes and when I strive hard, I get tired of what I am doing i.e. memorising the quran etc." (ANI)

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