Hypnotist to cast a spell on UK via Twitter, Facebook!

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London, December 30 (ANI): A British hypnotist is hoping to create history by attempting the world's largest mass online hypnosis session trance using Facebook and Twitter.

Chris Hughes, a 34-year-old hypnotherapist from Banbury, Oxfordshire, will head the experiment, called Socialtrance, and try to cast a spell over the Internet on January 4 with pure auditory.

"This is the first attempt of its kind to hypnotise people via social networking sites," the Telegraph quoted Hughes as saying.

"I truly believe that everyone can be hypnotised, and people shouldn't be afraid of it. Within a minute of starting the session those listening to me won't be able to see anything, as they'll be put into a deep trance by my voice.

"Social networking sites are a great way to interact with people and I'm hoping that this will open people's eyes to the power of hypnotism. It's all about the power of suggestion, and the affect it can have on the unconscious," he added.

The event will coincide with World Hypnotism Day, and is expected to create a new chapter in the Guinness World Records, the newspaper said. (ANI)

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