"Don't nag graduate kids into a job" but don't be "too supportive": UK govt

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London, Dec 29 (ANI): A guide released by the British government advises parents to show "tough love" towards children to encourage them to take up jobs once they are university graduates.

The guide titled "Parent Motivators: A parent's guide to helping graduates find work" cautions parents against making the life of their children "too comfortable at home", reports the Telegraph.

The advice from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills says parents must make sure their have realist career goals and do not "waste away the years" trying to become film actors and script writers.

The document penned by Denise Taylor, a chartered psychologist and career coach, also asks youngsters to "get rid of compromising photos" that they may have over the Internet, in case any of their potential employers "Google" their names.

The advice comes as the crisis of a fall in graduate jobs, due to the recession, looms large.

The government document stresses on the role of mums and dads to help their graduate sons and daughters secure good jobs.

The guide "reality hits" many youngsters once they graduate and this can lower their self-esteem. This is when parents should be vigilant and look out for any changes in their children's eating and sleeping patterns and even encourage them to see a doctor.

The guide clearly warns parents "nagging" new graduates because this can "make young people feel more stressed and makes the failure to get a job worse".

However, the document also asks families against being "being too supportive" of their children.

It says: "Sometimes it is really necessary to show tough love.... If you are making life too comfortable at home, why would they get a job? If you are providing free board and lodgings, a well stocked fridge, washing and ironing done, plus an allowance, there's not much drive there. So cut back to help increase their motivation.

"Allow them some time to relax once they graduate but don't let a few weeks turn into months."

It adds: "Yes, some people will make it as actors and film script writers but many just waste away the years....People often pursue careers such as this alongside a job, so encourage them to get a job to increase their independence and so they can support themselves on their dream path."

The guide available from www.direct.gov.uk/graduates also spells out various options open to new graduates like paid or unpaid internships, work experience and relatively menial jobs. (ANI)

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