Pakistan is being run without a Constitution, says PONM leader Kanjoo

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New Delhi, Dec.23 (ANI): Pakistan Oppressed Nations Movement (PONM)'s vice president Abdul Majed Kanjoo has said that Pakistan is being run without a Constitution which negates democratic and human values. He says Pakistan is a jail for the oppressed Seraiki, Sindhi, Baluch and Pashtoon nation.

In the recent edition of Current, a Delhi-based weekly, when Kanjoo was asked about status of Pakistan at present in context of a global war against terrorism, he said: "In the light of the changing global scenario, Pakistan stands exposed before the world. Pakistan has a multi-national character but is being run by a unilateral form of government. Since Pakistan came into existence, regions and communities have been negated. Just one class of rulers including the elite in connivance with the Army has been in command. Pakistan's position was damaged after the 9/11 incident when the US pointed an accusing finger towards it."

When Kanjoo was asked if he thought US forces failed to check terrorist activities in Pakistan, he said: "The US has been able to muster the support from a section of the Pakistan Army whereas the nexus between the Army and the Punjabis is quite formidable. The pro-US faction in the Army is hand in glove with the anti-US lobby."

"Pakistan has not learnt any lesson from the fall of Afghanistan. The mullahs are taking Pakistan on the path of Iran and are moving towards Talibanisation. What I foresee is that behind this whole thing is the invisible hand of the anti-US lobby Pakistan is heading towards disintegration, which is a dangerous trend," "Historically, Punjabis always supported the powerful rulers or invaders and have always been beneficiaries. When the British were powerful enough to hold the colonies, the Punjabis extended full support to them for the recapture of Delhi in 1857. From then on, up to the creation of Pakistan, Punjabis were more close to the British than even Jinnah. First the British and then Americans have had interests in this part of the world since the 18th century," said Kanjoo. "Since then Punjab has been performing the role of a caretaker to safeguard that interest. The target of the Punjabi lobby is to bring Kashmir into their fold. Their interference in Kashmir means nothing but the expansion of Punjab. The ministry of Kashmir affairs in Islamabad has placed selected Kashmiri parties on the list of the ISI according to the Prime Minister's directive of 1975. They are shareholders of the benefits of conspiracies. Many Kashmiris are settled in the UK and the US and whatsoever influence they have there is utilised by the Punjabis to muster public opinion in their favour."

Asked about the role of Pakistan's secret agency ISI, Kanjoo said: "In Pakistan, religious organisations instigated by the ISI have been chanting anti-American slogans so that the Americans should know that the controversy has not ended. Under these circumstances, the 9/11 act of terrorism took place. So America declared a war against terrorism and decided to stay on in the area. The Punjabi Army establishment is now a part of the American coalition's war against terrorism. The ISI has also established fundamentalist religious organisations in Seraikis areas making it a centre for terrorist acts in and around Pakistan: The purpose being to negate the Seraikis' struggle for national rights."

Asked for his evaluation of the peace process between India and Pakistan, Kanjoo said: "The peace process will certainly benefit the oppressed communities of Pakistan particularly the Seraikis.

About 70 millions Seraikis in Pakistan, excluding the 30 million in India who migrated from their homeland at the time of partition, are cut off from their roots. If they come closer to each other, they will become the dominant community and will raise their voice against Pakistan's so-called democracy." (ANI)

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