Chinese ornamental fish reign in Kerala

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Kochi (Kerala), Dec 23 (ANI): After taking over toys, electronics and other items, Chinese products are now reigning over the ornamental fish and aquarium industry in Kerala.

From Chinese fish tanks to food items, medicines to colourful marbles, and even marine plants, all have become a hot favourite among the customers.

Both cheap and expensive Chinese items are ready for purchase and have almost completely taken over the accessories in the aquarium business. Over 90 percent of the accessories market is ruled by the Chinese items.

Experts opine that local and common varieties of ornamental fishes are less in demand these days, and expensive and rare species are much sought after by passionate fish collectors.

"The ornamental fish and accessories business is gradually increasing in India. Rare ornamental Chinese fishes are in great demand these days while the local ones are not much in demand. People have shifted their preference to rare fish species like discus, angel fishes, flower horn fishes and arowana fishes," said Kiran Mohan, Sales and Marketing manager, Cochin Aquariums.

He added that ornamental fishes and their accessories range from 25,000 rupees to 100,000 rupees.

Ready to fit moulded tanks and latest plasma aquariums some of the items that have a great demand.

"When we compare Chinese and Indian products, Chinese products and accessories are the best as they are long-lasting and can be moulded in many styles and designs. They are also easy to transport and, when compared in terms of price, it is much less than the Indian products," said Antony V S, an aquarium shopkeeper.

Low prices and attractive packaging are the major reasons behind the growing popularity of Chinese goods in India.

Out of the 800 varieties of freshwater ornamental fishes, 200 are available in India, including 100 indigenous species, which can be grown in captivity. Mumbai and Chennai are major breeding centres in India. (ANI)

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