Oz couple says their dead son has miraculous powers

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Melbourne, Dec 22 (ANI): A Sydney couple has claimed that their dead son was "hand-picked by God" to have miraculous powers to help heal dozens of people.

While Mike Tannous died three years ago, a mysterious oil started weeping from the walls of his bedroom and his parents, George and Lina, are hailing it to have healing powers.

The oil started to appear in their Guildford home just weeks after the 17-year-old died in a car accident in September 2006.

"Mike is a messenger between us and God. He has healed so many people," the Daily Telegraph quoted Tannous as saying.

Even after extensive scientific testing of the oil, experts have failed to identify exactly what it is but that has not stopped hundreds praying at the home.

And the Tannous' are now pushing for sainthood for their son citing his healing powers.

"Our boy is a saint. This is him talking to us, talking to other people," said George Tannous.

And the oil has continued to weep, now appearing on almost every wall of the three-bedroom house, as well as on framed photos of Mike and other religious icons.

"Over the weekend we had people everywhere, we even had to close the street . . . they want to experience a miracle," said George.

As word of the alleged healing powers inside the house have spread, people have travelled from overseas and interstate. (ANI)

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