Carla Bruni gives street side tramp 100 euros everyday

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London, Dec 22 (ANI): A tramp has claimed that he has befriended French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and that she regularly gives over 50 and 100 euro notes and even offered to put him up in a hotel.

The French first lady, who lives in the chic 16th arrondissement when not at the Elysée palace, struck up conversation with Denis, 53, after passing him every day on her school run with her son, Aurelien, eight.

"She asks after me, she gives me one or two 50 or 100 euro notes. We talk about music," the Telegraph quoted him as telling the magazine Closer.

The magazine had tracked down Denis after Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy mentioned him in an interview she gave to Macadam - a magazine sold by the homeless.

"Over time we've built up a friendly relationship. I stop sometimes to greet him and very soon we talk about books and music," she told Macadam.

The 41-year-old model-turned-singer even handed him a signed CD of her latest album, and even offered him to sing in her next one.

"My friends from the street told me that as (the CD) has got her signature, it's worth a lot of money. I couldn't care less, I prefer to keep it; having said that I lent it to someone two months ago who hasn't given in back," he said.

In fact, Denis revealed that the Italian-born First Lady had also offered to put him up for a month in a hotel.

"I refused. It's not that I enjoy being in the street but I've got my habits. People say it's cold. That's true but I'm well covered-up. What's more, Carla gave me a military-type duvet, which keeps me warm," he said.

"You cannot save (homeless people), treat them against their will. One has to respect their choice," Carla told Macadam.

Denis, who lives in the street near Carla's luxury town house, said police had stopped bothering him after he met the first lady.

"Carla's help is concrete. Before knowing her, the cops bugged me regularly, now they leave me alone. She must have put the word round. She's a great lady, you know, Carla, even if she doesn't appear to be," he said. (ANI)

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