Delhi slum magician can perform Indian rope trick, world's greatest illusion

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London, December 20 (ANI): A man in the slums of Delhi claims he knows to do the Indian rope trick, which is popular as the "world's greatest illusion."

Hasan Khan insists that the trick has been his family legacy dating back to the 17th century, since the rule of Indian emperor Jahangir.

"This trick has been passed down through generations of my family," Sky News quoted him as saying.

He added: "My grandfather learned it from his grandfather, who learned it from his grandfather."

The trick involves a rope being made to rise upwards and then once rigid, a young boy is encouraged to climb to the top, who eventually disappears.

Often the magician follows the boy and vanishes too.

Then, an array of severed limbs falls on the ground.

Soon, the magician returns to earth, collects the limbs in a covered basket and the boy magically reappears unharmed.

Khan is a recipient of a certificate from the Guinness World Records for magic.

Even though he demonstrates his skill at times, he insists on not telling the technique behind the trick.

He said: "I can't tell you how it's done. This is a family secret and my skill - but it's magic and some hypnotism. I hypnotise the crowd but I am not going to tell you how I do it."

Most magicians insist the trick is impossible. Moreover, in 1934, the Magic Circle had made an offer of several hundred guineas to anyone who could accomplish it. (ANI)

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