Rooney's in-laws sick of "Kai Wayne Rooney" squawking parrot!

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London, Dec 18 (ANI): British footballer Wayne Rooney's in-laws are said to be sick of their pet parrot, as it keeps on squawking their new grandson's name.

Rooney, 24, and his wife Coleen, 23, had taught the African Grey to say "Kai Wayne Rooney" for "a laugh" little expecting that the bird will keep repeating it all day long at the top of its voice.

"It's driving everybody round the bend. Nobody knows how to stop it," the Sun quoted a friend as saying.

The couple had spent three weeks at the home of Tony and Colette McLoughlin in Roby, Liverpool, after Kai was born in November.

"Coleen's mum and dad invited them to move in after the baby was born," the friend said.

"They jumped at the chance and stayed for three weeks.

"While messing around one day they thought it would be funny to teach the parrot to say the name.

"At first it was hilarious. After seeing the baby, visitors would be taken off to hear the parrot.

"But now it's really wearing thin. Nearly two months on, the blooming bird still won't shut up," the friend added. (ANI)

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