Milly, the deaf fox, learns sign language

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London, Dec 18 (ANI): A deaf fox cub has learnt to respond to sign language after being trained by a woman whose hearing is impaired.

Animal rescuer Beth Tyler-King adopted the six-weeks-old fox, Milly, when the female cub was being chased by youngsters.

Berth, 43, started training Milly when she found it was deaf.

"I get her to sit, I do it by doing hand signals.... I face my palm downwards to say sit, and she does sit," the Daily Express quoted Berth, as saying.

She added: "When she is being naughty I waggle my finger at her."

Milly is now 18 months old and her best friends are cats. She has completely lost her wild touch, as she loves to hog on cheese and Coco Pops. (ANI)

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