26/11 accused Kasab withdraws confessions in Mumbai special trial Court

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Mumbai, Dec 18 (ANI): Mohd Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone surviving Pakistani gunman, whose statement was to be recorded today in the 26/11 special trial Court in Mumbai, has withdrawn from all the confessions made by him earlier.

The prosecution had closed the case on Wednesday, after hearing around six hundred witnesses for a period of over seven months.

Kasab said in the 26/11 special trial Court that all the confessions made by him earlier were under pressure, imposed on him by the investigating officials.

Earlier in July this year, Kasab had admitted that he was accountable for Mumbai terror attacks.

Kasab completely denied that he had opened firing at Mumbai's Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus, when the judge pointed out that witnesses saw him open fire at that spot.

However, he confirmed to the judge that he is from Faridkot in Pakistan.

Kasab also referred to David Coleman Headley in court. Headley, an Amercian national, has been arrested by the FBI in Chicago and is accused of helping to plan and execute the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai last year.

The judge snubbed Kasab's reference to Headley.

The special trial court was to record Kasab's statement on Friday after the evidence against him is read out. Kasab has been accused of various charges ranging from waging war against the nation to conspiracy and murder.n the basis of the evidence presented by the prosecution, the special trial court was to record Kasab's statements under section 313(1)(b) of CrPC.

Kasab had made three confessions after his arrest. He had admitted his guilt in front of the police and before a magistrate that will be taken into account as evidence. Kasab had also accepted his guilt in the special trail court.

Two Indian nationals Faheem Ansari and Sabahuddin Sheikh are also standing as accused along with Kasab.

Additional Commissioner of Police Dewan Bharati and Assistant Commissioner of Police Ashok Duraphe were the two last witnesses to be heard in the 26/11 special trial court on Wednesday.

Kasab's lawyer had asked for some favours on account of Kasab's health ground on Wednesday; but Kasab, who was present in the court to hear the proceedings, appeared to be disinterested and said he had no problems in recording his statement.

Ten gunmen had landed on Mumbai shores by boats at sunset on November 26, 2008 and fired randomly inside a railway station, a Jewish settlement, a cafe and two luxury hotels.

Several people were held hostage for the next three days and at least 166 died and over 304 were injured, before commandoes smoked out the last of the terrorists on November 28 last year. (ANI)

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