Oz Christmas parties' slip-ups revealed

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Melbourne, Dec 17 (ANI): A new survey conducted on Aussies has revealed that many recall doing something or the other during Christmas parties that they would not have otherwise done.

According to the poll, conducted on more than 2000 Australians by RedHotPie.com.au website, the results showed that more than 70 percent admitted that they had drunk too much.

Of the people responding to questions, 56 percent confessed to having kissed a colleague at an end-of-year office bash, and 54 percent admitted to telling co-workers dirty secrets.

Another 51 percent admitted to having fallen over after drinking too much, while 44 percent said they had slept with a co-worker, or left them to hit on others.

With inebriation comes a state of losing one's perspective of right and wrong, and 38 percent admitted to having made a fool of themselves in front of their boss.

And 32 percent admitted to having stripped partially or totally, while 26 percent revealed they have been ejected from a venue, and 21 percent confessed to passing out.

The poll showed that 17 percent admitted to abusing their boss, while 14 percent confessed to kissing their boss, and 13 percent admitted getting into a physical fight.

It was also revealed that in the revelry 11 percent quitted their job, 10 percent slept with their boss, 9 percent ended up crying, and 7 percent were arrested.

Geoff Barker, a relationships expert, said results of the poll were "quite stunning", given it sampled just one section of the workforce - mainly dating scene singles.

Barker said it showed behaving badly at the workplace Christmas do was common.

"It's absolutely not advisable," the Courier Mail quoted him as saying.

"It causes all sorts of trouble throughout the rest of the year . . . not the least of which is humiliation. And of course in the era of the mobile phone and YouTube, it can be mass humiliation," he stated.

Social etiquette doyenne June Dally-Watkins said workers were doing themselves a disservice if they drank more than two alcoholic drinks at a social occasion with colleagues.

"It would be a bad mark against them," Dally-Watkins said.

"The boss and the people who work with them will always remember that they were drunk and disorderly.

"It just makes me sad that they don't even know why they are drinking too much," she added. (ANI)

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