Wenger admits he needs to do anger management as well

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London, Dec. 16 (ANI): Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has admitted that the stress of management has left him feeling like a volcano, which erupted on Sunday when his team performed poorly against Liverpool during the first half.

"It is like living on a volcano. It is a constant battle to keep it in. I am often angry but I do not always show it. The problem with anger is that you can create some damage which you cannot repair," The Sun quoted Wenger, as saying.

The Arsenal boss blew his top in the dressing room and told his players they were not fit to wear the shirt.

His explosion had the desired effect as the Gunners stormed back to win 2-1 and haul themselves back into the title race.

But Wenger admits his outburst could easily have backfired and promises to keep his emotions under control at Burnley tonight.

"So of course I took a risk with what I did at Anfield. We could have lost 6-1 and then everyone would say my intervention started a crisis," he said.

"Maybe if I'd not said a single word we would still have won the game. It is very difficult to measure the real impact of your attitude and behaviour."

"You can only go with your instincts and sometimes the emotion takes over. But you cannot always behave like that. Most of the time you have to be rational," he added.

"For example, look at the Phil Brown incident when he did his half-time talk on the pitch at Manchester City. Did it create the blip which came for Hull after that? That's what people accused him of, but maybe it was actually good for his team." (ANI)

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