After car crash, woman craves for sex all day

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London, Dec 15: While Tiger Woods' car crash crashed his image completely with the expose of his affairs, a car crash has left a woman sexually aroused 24 hours a day.

A nerve in Joleen Baughman's pelvis that controls desire for sex got permanently switched on during the accident two years ago.

Now even the slightest movement like sitting on a bus, bending over or walking across a room gets the 39-year-old mother turned on.

"It's unbearable. Just my clothes rubbing gets me so aroused that I can hardly think straight," the Mirror quoted her as saying.

She added, "It's very embarrassing and it's impossible to concentrate."

Joleen who comes from New Mexico confessed that even sex with her husband does not completely please her. he said, "We'd have sex once and I'd feel no release at all.

"So we'd go again and then it would start really hurting but I would still want sex, even more than before.

"If my hus-band managed to go for a third time it would be agony but I would still feel no release.

"Being aroused pretty much 24-hours a day is exhausting.

"It's so embarrassing. I have to try to keep my feelings under control and to ignore them so I can get on with normal life.

"But I often worry people can guess what I'm feeling even though they can't."

However, she is learning to deal with her condition known as Restless Genital Syndrome or Persistent Sexual Arousal.

She added, "If my urges get really strong I lie down very still so there is no vibration at all and that helps a little bit.

"It's mind over matter. But I'm hoping a medical cure can be found in the future."


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