Ripping off Band-Aid slowly causes more pain than removing it quickly

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Melbourne, December 14 (ANI): It is more painful to slowly rip off a Band-Aid than do it quickly, according to Australian researchers.

Experts from James Cook University examined person's pain against slow and fast Band-Aid removal techniques with the help of volunteers.

Researcher Dr Carl O'Kane found that the average overall pain score for fast Band-Aid removal was 0.92, while slow Band-Aid removal scored 1.58.

Boffins further found that women had a greater pain tolerance than men but warned the findings would not be the same on people with wounds, cuts or skin allergies.

"The average overall pain scores for women were significantly lower than for men [0.91 compared to 1.64]," the Daily Telegraph quoted Dr O'Kane as saying.

"This may be due to higher pain tolerance, although men did tend to have more body hair.

"A high body hair score was, not surprisingly, associated with higher pain scores and it seemed that preconceptions about pain also had an appreciable effect," Dr O'Kane added.

The study was published in the Medical Journal Of Australia. (ANI)

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