Quetta shura making Pak govt look like fools: Editorial

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London, Dec. 14 (ANI): Pakistan Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar's recent statement that the armed forces have destroyed the Quetta shura after the government's constant denial of its very existence, has made the government look like fools rather than magicians, an editorial published in a Pakistani newspaper has said.

"The Quetta Shura is the terrorist equivalent of a theoretical sub-atomic particle. Its existence is very difficult to prove, but the laws of physics (or, in this case, denial in the face of reality) determine that it must exist; otherwise things that we know to exist would be unable to exist," The News wrote.

"The government has for as long as anybody can remember denied the existence of the Quetta Shura. Presidential spokesmen and government ministers are all on record to the effect that the QS is a figment of an overheated media imagination and the Americans," it added.

However, in an interview with a private TV channel on Friday, Mukhtar made a shocking announcement on Friday.

Tapping the table with his magic wand to get our attention he announced that the QS is no longer a threat to Pakistan as our security forces have significantly damaged it.

"We have taken on the QS and disrupted it to the point at which it no longer poses a threat to us," he was quoted, as saying.

The report questions if the QS no longer presents a threat to us then logic determines that it did at some point present the very threat that was denied, along with its existence. Wonders will never cease.

"All levity aside, the institutionalised denial of manifest realities does no more than make us look like fools rather than magicians, and yet those who lead and govern us are unable to understand this simple fact," the editorial concluded. (ANI)

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