Medics play nursery song Nellie the Elephant for correct CPR rhythm!

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London, December 14 (ANI): Medical students learning life-saving resuscitation techniques listened to the tunes of Nellie the Elephant to administer the correct rhythm for CPR.

According to researchers from the Universities of Birmingham, Coventry and Hertfordshire, and the West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Nellie is an effective song for teaching the correct tempo to help bystanders learn and remember the technique, reports the Telegraph.

But lead author Malcolm Woollard, Professor in Pre-hospital and Emergency Care at Coventry University that the nursery song could distract lifesavers and that other songs should also be considered to find the ideal rhythm.

He said: "As current resuscitation guidelines give equal emphasis to the importance of performing chest compressions at both the correct rate and depth, we regretfully recommend that playing or imagining hearing Nellie the Elephant during CPR training should be discontinued." (ANI)

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