New low energy light bulb can help save the planet

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London, Dec 13 (ANI): British scientists have developed a new bulb that looks just like old-style bulbs but consumes less energy.

The conventional incandescent bulbs use up to five times the power. Scientists hope to convince families to give them up and save the planet from global warming.

There are hopes agreements will limit global warming to below the dangerous 2 degree Celsius threshold. Even then, millions would be flooded.

While 100 watt bulbs and frosted or pearled bulbs have been taken off shelves, over the next two years, 75 watt and 60 watt light bulbs will also vanish, reports the News of the World.

They plan to ban all remaining incandescent bulbs in September 2012.

Experts think energy saving bulbs can reduce annual electricity bills by 9 pounds per bulb or 100 pounds over the bulb's lifetime. (ANI)

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