Thousands march to create awareness about climate change

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New Delhi, Dec 12 (ANI): Thousands of enthusiasts held a mass rally on Saturday to urge the government to take bold measures to deal with climate change.

With banners and placards reading 'Lets save our planet' and playing musical instruments they took to the streets to campaign for the cause of change in climate.

"We want our Prime Minister and the authorities to know that it is the time to do something, so that the climate change does not play havoc in our lives. This is the need of the hour, we want our authorities to listen and take some action," said Bhanu Gupta, a participant.

The agitated participants said that the loud musical instruments would wake up the authorities and pressurize them to fight more willingly towards the cause.

Many larger developing countries, such as China and India, say they are taking voluntary steps to curb the growth of their emissions, such as increased use of renewable energy and imposing energy efficiency standards.

India issued a national climate change policy last year and pledged to boost its renewable energy use as part of "ambitious" domestic actions to control emissions.

But cheap coal will remain central to India's energy mix for at least the next two decades. The share of renewables in the country's energy basket is about eight percent.

In Copenhagen, representatives from 192 countries have gathered for the biggest climate talks in history.

The U.N. says any Copenhagen deal must contain ambitious emission cuts by rich nations, financing pledges for poorer nations and steps by major developing countries to curb their greenhouse gas pollution.

But negotiators are struggling to reach agreement on the depth of emission cuts needed to slow down the pace of climate change and are worried about the cost to economies.

The talks in Denmark are aimed at settling a global deal after arguments between rich and poor nations about who should cut emissions, by how much and who should pay.

Negotiations have run out of time but there are still hopes that a substantive political pact can be agreed at the meeting instead. (ANI)

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