US supported dictators to exploit Pak: Zardari

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Islamabad, Dec 9: In an outburst against United States' repeated threats to Pakistan, Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari said in the op-ed of New York Times that Pakistan has always been abandoned by United States to be exploited by dictators.

Alleging Pakistan of supporting dictatorship in Pakistan, Zardari said that the America abandoned its democratic values to support dictators and manipulate and exploit Pakistan

Zardari wrote that Pakistan was doing it best to tackle terrorism and the offensive against Taliban in South waziristan is a stark example of its serious to eliminate terrorist.

He noted that despite doing their best, Americans have failed to accept the sacrifices that Pakistan is making inorder to eliminate terrorism.

"Pakistan has paid an enormous price in blood and treasure. But this is a price we are willing to pay", he said, adding that the offensive against Taliban in South Wazaristan is a stark example.

Citing US support to dictators in the past, Zardari wrote that America is responsible for the horror that US is undergoing at present.

"United States closed its eyes to the abuses of the dictatorship of President Pervez Musharraf, providing support to the regime while doing little to help with social needs or encourage the restoration of democracy," he wrote.

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