Mum wants Tiger to "face his demons"

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London, Dec 11 (ANI): Tiger Woods' mum wants her scandal-hit son to "face his demons" if he wants to steer past the current crisis, it has emerged.

"She fears for his mental and physical health and wants him to know she is there," the Mirror quoted a source as saying.

The source added: "She will be honest and will insist he faces his demons if he is to come through this in one piece."

The sex-related scandal involving golfing great Woods could have a crippling effect on the PGA tour, and according to some estimates, the loss could be in millions of dollars and pounds.

"American people love the fall of the high and mighty, but they also love a comeback story," Times Online quoted Leigh Steinberg, a US sports agent, as saying.

"He needs to get out front with all the facts and make a public apology to the relevant people so the healing can begin and he can put this behind him, otherwise it will eat him alive," Steinberg added. (ANI)

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