Malaysian spiritual leader urges Ulama to practice polygamy

Posted By: Staff
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Kota Baru (Malaysia), Dec 11(ANI): In another remark that could spark controversy in Malaysia, a politician Nik Aziz Nik Mat has said that he encouraged the ulama to practise polygamy, as they are model polygamous husbands.

The 76-year-old spiritual leader said they would set good examples on what a true polygamous marriage was all about in Islam.

He also believes that this would clear the misunderstanding among certain people about polygamous marriages.

"The image of polygamy as a way for men to make use of women should be cleaned up. Ulama can play an important role in clearing this image. In Kelantan, the people like polygamous marriages," News Strait Times quoted Nik Mat, as saying.

"Normally, when a man likes a beautiful woman, he will take her as his second wife. But, after they have children, he will divorce the woman. This is the bad image that I meant which should be cleaned up," he added.

He further said that the ulama should practice polygamy, as they could demonstrate to the community what real polygamous marriages entailed.

"The clean image must be highlighted to the world, especially in the era of information and communication technology, so that Islamic practices can be emulated by all communities," Nik Mat said. (ANI)

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