Indian-origin sisters lose stomachs to cut cancer risk

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London, Dec 10 (ANI): Two sisters of Indian origin in the UK with a rare hereditary condition have had their stomachs removed to cut the risk of cancer.

Meeta and Ravindra Singh were born with a mutant E-cadherin gene, giving them an 80 per cent chance of developing cancer.

The gene has claimed the lives of the sisters' father, Baldave, two uncles, their grandmother and their 20-year-old cousin.

Ravindra, 29, a recruitment consultant, opted to have her stomach removed as a precautionary measure in June this year after being diagnosed with the defective gene.

Meeta, 25, who lives with her mother in Birkenhead and is studying for a master's degree in forensic psychology, underwent the same procedure.

The stomach is not essential for digestion, but the sisters cannot eat more than ten spoonfuls at a time and are expected to lose 20 per cent of their weight.

The sisters say that it is a small price to pay for freedom from cancer.

"Ravindra didn't want the problem hanging over her, and because there was a very high possibility of cancer she had the operation," Times Online quoted Meeta as saying.

"At that time I was more focused on my sister but then as soon as she was OK it dawned on me that I could be next.

"I was quite reluctant at first but I decided I would rather have the surgery as a precautionary measure," she added.

Ravindra said: "I'm coping a lot better than I was at first but I still have off days and my energy levels are quite low sometimes.

"It's just become a new kind of normal for me. The operation was definitely the right thing to do." (ANI)

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