Randy Kiwi dolphin traps young women at sea!

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Melbourne, Dec 9 (ANI): A randy teenaged Kiwi dolphin has become infamous after it trapped young women in water.

According to experts, the hormones of the 250kg dolphin named Moko, living in North Island beach, are ticking and he's testing his limits on humans.

"He's doing what we all do as teenagers. He's testing his boundaries but he's testing them on humans and humans are coming off second best," the Couriermail quoted marine science expert Professor Mark Orams, as saying.

Moko notoriety has been increasing as he has not only prevented female swimmers from returning ashore for hours but also overturned kayaks, tripped over water skiers and gotten in the way of surf lifesaving training.

More than a few people have ended up battered and bruised after a Moko encounter and some say it's only a matter of time before the dolphin causes a deadly accident.

Prof Orams believes the problem can be solved if people stay away from the bottlenose allowing it to spend more time with other dolphins.

He said: "Here you've got a very lonely bottlenose who loves human contact but he's getting way too big and strong for it.

"In a sense he's seeking something from humans that he should be getting from other dolphins and while people keep seeing him as a human plaything, that won't change."

"I can't help but think that something is going to go very wrong with this situation in the next few months," Prof Orams added. (ANI)

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