Tibetans-in-exile hold candlelight vigil for nun who died after protests in China

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Dharamsala, Dec 8 (ANI): Tibetans living in exile on Monday held a candlelight vigil in Dharamshala to pay respect to a Tibetan nun who died in a hospital in China after protests.

Yankyi Dolma, 33, from Kardze Lamdrag nunnery reportedly died on Sunday in a hospital in Chengdu.

Dolma and another fellow nun Sonam Yangchen were arrested on March 24 after they staged a peaceful protest at the Kardze market square against the Chinese government.

Both the nuns were beaten up severely by security personnel and later arrested.

Yankyi was handed over to the Kardze Intermediate People's Court on August 24, 2009. However, it is not known if the court had passed any sentence on her.

Exile rights groups fear that Dolma had succumbed to her injuries sustained during beatings and torture while in prison. The body is yet to be returned to her family.

Chanting religious hymns and carrying portrait of their spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns along with common Tibetan masses organised the candlelight vigil from McLeod Ganj Main Square to Tsugakhang courtyard.

Tibetans-in-exile urged common Indians to support the cause of Tibetans.

"We really wanted to raise voice on their behalf that in Tibet, there isn't any kind of freedom. Even though we would like to speak about our own rights, we have to face the extreme kind of punishment like death, that's why we are raising awareness to all the Indian locals that please support us," said Tshering, a protestor.

China has controlled Tibet since troops of the People's Liberation Army troops marched into the region in 1950. Beijing considers Tibet as an integral part of its territory. (ANI)

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