Samajwadi Party protests Rahul Gandhi's visit to Uttar Pradesh

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Lucknow, Dec.8 (ANI): Activists of Samajwadi party on Tuesday protested the two-day visit of Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi to Uttar Pradesh.

The activists termed Rahul's visit to the region as a mere show-off and said that he might be shinning in the boards and hoardings but not in the hearts of poor people.

"We want to tell Rahul Gandhi, who has come here in the disguise of the future Prime Minister, that he may be shinning on the boards and the hoardings but not in the hearts of the poor people and the orphans. People are dying of hunger in the country; they have nothing to eat and no place to live. Ever since Congress has come to power, there has been a price rise in the country. He is doing this drama because he wants to become the Prime Minister, otherwise he has got no work to do." said Jitendra Bahadur Singh, a Samajwadi party activist.

Focussing on the price rise, he added that firstly the price situation should be controlled and then Rahul should be allowed to visit the state.

"The entire country is reeling under the price rise; the poor people are dying of hunger and are committing suicides along with their families. There is no bread, wheat, pulses, sugar and potatoes to eat; how will a common person survive without all this. This type of drama should be stopped; spending a night at a Dalit's house won't help the people of this country. The people want the prices to be under control. Every time Congress comes in to power, this happens," said Irfan Solanki, another protestor.

Rahul's two-day visit to the state, which began on Monday, is aimed at boosting the membership drive undertaken to activate the youth wing of the party. (ANI)

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