Indian spends $700k on world tour - returns with 'world's most boring pics'!

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Melbourne, Dec 8 (ANI): An Indian businessman is said to have spent nearly 700,000 dollars on a world tour, but failed to capture the beautiful locations on his camera.

Kashi Samaddar, 55, who now lives in Dubai, had taken snaps in offices and in front of buildings instead of top tourist sites such as the UK's Big Ben or Dubai's skyscrapers.

Samaddar has admitted his photography skills are somewhat lacking and says he intends to do better on his next trip.

"It is true that my photographic sense is not bright but I (will) take good tourist photos during next trip to London," the Couriermail quoted Samaddar as saying.

Samaddar said he became determined to travel to every country in the world after a "humiliating" visa rejection in Johannesburg, South Africa, which he says was due to his nationality.

It took him over 12 years to complete the feat, travelling to 218 countries and spending his life savings in the process.

He had some lucky escapes in various unstable countries, with his Kabul hotel blown apart shortly after he left his room, and going for days without food in East Timor.

Samaddar has set up a website called Travel, Tourism and Peace Global, which provides travellers with advice on what they need to be allowed access into different countries. (ANI)

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