PPP can be thrown out of power 'only over our dead bodies', says Pak minister

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Islamabad, Dec. 7 (ANI): The Home Minister of Pakistan's Sindh province, Dr. Zufliqar Mirza, has said that the ruling Pakistan People's Party cannot be thrown out of the assembly, and only the dead bodies of his party's members could be driven out of the power.

"No one can throw us out of the Assemblies alive.... only our dead bodies could be driven out," The News quoted Mirza, as saying.

Mirza vowed to wage an open war against those conspiring against the PPP.

He added that the people of Pakistan have given "us the right to rule."

"We are true patriots of Pakistan, the country our predecessors founded," Mirza said, addressing Sindhi Cap and Ajrak rally in Badin. (ANI)

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