India right, Pak must throw some 'shine' on 26/11 case for its citizens: Editorial

Posted By: Staff
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Islamabad, Dec.7 (ANI): An editorial in The Nation has said that while the government has taken steps to prosecute the people behind the 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai, it has failed to keep the citizens of the country appropriately informed of it.

On this latter aspect, it says India is right

"The government deserves our support in their pursuit of terrorists, but by the same token the government does itself and us no favours by hiding its light under the bushel and keeping us in the dark about what is being done, and rightly done, in our name," the editorial says.

"We should not be learning of these charges and proceedings from foreign sources, and would therefore suggest that the government shine a little," the editorial adds.

"In one sense at least, the Indians are right. The 'do more' we seem to be failing to do is to tell the people of Pakistan what it is that we are doing, and specifically what it is that those now on trial are charged with. It is a foreign news agency that has obtained details of the charges and published them on its website," it says.

Without directly referring to India, the editorial admits that there have been "calls to 'do more".

"One of the calls to 'do more' emanating from the east relates to the Mumbai attack and our alleged failure to respond appropriately to it by prosecuting in Pakistan those said to be involved," it says.

Defending Islamabad's achievements on this score, the editorial says: "But prosecute we have, and seven people are now on trial in an ant-terrorist court being held in a high-security prison facing charges filed on November 25." (ANI)

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