Chinese electroplating effluent testing company uses Palintest water analysers

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Mumbai, Dec 7 (ANI/Business Wire India): Testing equipment specialist Palintest Ltd is supplying its Photometer 7100 multi-parameter analysers to Shanghai Ruiyong Industry Co. Ltd., one of China's leading suppliers of water testing equipment for the electroplating effluent recycling industry.

Ruiyong will use the testing kits for their own projects and is also acting as a distributor for Palintest, selling the products to its existing clients.

Palintest began working with Shanghai Ruiyong in 2008, after the company visited Palintest's booth at a trade exhibition in Shanghai. Ruiyong trialled a few Photometer 7100 analysers and were very pleased with the results. According to the company, the Palintest product is ideal for heavy metal testing.

Before it began using Palintest's products in 2008, Shanghai Ruiyong used traditional laboratory testing methods, which were inconvenient and slow. The Photometer 7100's portable design, ease of use and high accuracy make it ideal for both testing during project design phases and on-site monitoring. There is also the added bonus that customers are now able to do instant testing themselves and no not have to send off samples and wait for the results from a laboratory.

According to a spokesman from Shanghai Ruiyong, Palintest is now quite well known in the Chinese metal plating industry. He added that the arrangement with Palintest is a 'win-win' situation: Shanghai Ruiyong's products make the effluent valuable and Palintest is now the testing equipment supplier of choice.

As of October 2008, a new high-level standard was introduced for the water discharge from electroplating operations in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai provinces, which requires both high accuracy and frequency of tests. As a matter of interest, there are over 60 electroplating facilities in just one city in Jiangsu Province, and 10 cities of a similar size in the province.

The key pollutants from electroplating effluent are potentially dangerous heavy metals such as chromium, iron, copper, zinc and nickel, and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand). After measurement, treatment and recycling has been carried out, the valuable heavy metals can be reused, making accurate analysis even more valuable than just the obvious environmental benefits.

The Photometer 7100 accurately analyses the colour formed by test reactions, then presents the results clearly on an LCD screen on the unit. It is both portable and rugged, rated to IP67, and is supplied with a carrying case that holds the instrument itself as well as the necessary reagents for any testing application.(ANI)

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