Woman pays 20 pounds for undercharged blankets - 38 years later!

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London, December 06 (ANI): A woman in Britain has made a payment for blankets she bought 38 years earlier, as she was undercharged when she had purchased it.

Sylvia Blampey, a pensioner, from Paignton, Devon paid 20 pounds through her credit card, saying it was "the least anybody could do."

The 77-year-old confessed that back in 1971 she had remained silent when she was undercharged for three blankets at Jackson's department store in Reading, as she was poor.It was grossly in my favour, but I never said a word," the Telegraph quoted Blampey as saying.

She added: "I was so grateful because I was really short of funds at the time, but I did feel guilty.

"Then it went right out of my mind and only came back to me about five weeks ago.

"It's the least anybody could do. If you realise you made a mistake, put it right - actions speak louder than words.

"I should have sorted it out before I was baptised in 1988."

Jackson's managing director, Brian Carter, said he "pinched myself to check I was not dreaming," when she offered the money.

He has sent her a store calendar and donated the 20 pounds to charity. (ANI)

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