Muslim, Hindu groups stage demonstrations on Babri mosque demolition anniversary

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Coimbatore, Dec.6 (ANI): The 17th anniversary of Babri mosque demolition in Ayodhya, which occured on Dec.6, 1992, saw demonstrations being staged by Muslim and Hindu groups at different places in Coimbatore city of Tamil Nadu.

Thousands of Muslims in Coimbatore staged a demonstration asking the government to handover the disputed place in Ayodhya to their community.

They also demanded the arrest of Hindu nationalist leaders, who have been indicted in the findings of Justice M.S Liberhan who headed a one-man commission for 17 years to probe the factors leading to the demolition of the mosque.

"So far we were waiting for the Liberhan Commission report, which has made it clear all those who were accused are the culprits. Babri Masjid belongs to Muslims and thus the mosque should be handed over to us immediately. We want to caution the government," said Nazhar, one of the protestors in Muslim rally.

The police later on detained the demonstrators.

While in another demonstration, scores of Hindu activists under the banner of Shiv Sena also staged a unique demonstration by rolling on the ground inside a temple to mark December 6 as a victory day.

"This day we gained victory and we celebrate the day as our victory day across the country. Our leader Bal Thackeray had made it very clear that we demolished the Babri Masjid and we will build a new temple of Lord Rama in that place and all Hindu leaders should support Bal Thackeray to build a new Rama temple in Ayodhya," said Murugan, one of the Shiv Sena activists during a Hindu rally in Coimbatore.

While Muslim demonstrators said they view December 6 as Black Day, the Hindu demonstrators said that they view it the day as Shaurya Diwas (Day of Gallantry).

On December 6, 1992, numerous Kar Sewaks or Hindu volunteers, who converged on the disputed site, demolished the 16-century Babri mosque in Uttar Pradesh's Ayodhya town, claiming it stood on the birthplace of Lord Rama.

Consequently, communal riots left hundreds dead across India.

Hindus contend that the Babri mosque was built by Mughal Emperor after destroying a temple which once existed there. They claim it is the birthplace of Lord Rama. While the Muslims dispute this claim and want the demolished mosque should be rebuilt. (ANI)

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