Don't blame RAW for ghastly attacks, identify beasts within: Pak Editorial

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Islamabad, Dec.6 (ANI): An editorial in one of Pakistan's most famous English dailies, while severely denouncing Friday's suicide attack on a mosque in Rawalpindi, has said that it is time that leaders of the country stop blaming foreign powers, particularly India's Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) for such inhuman acts, and see the beasts present within the nation.

The editorial in The News, while denying involvement of foreign hand in the Rawalpindi attack, raised questions over the muffled condemnation from Pakistani religious leaders.

"We have heard too from people who insist that 'agents' linked to RAW carried out the act. They base their reasoning on the argument that no Muslim would carry out such pure evil. This thinking is flawed. The premise on which it is based has proven to be false again and again," the editorial said.

It pointed out that the perpetrators of the ghastly attack did not belong to some other country, but they were based in the country itself.

"The killers, who grabbed people by their hair, shot them at close range while they still stood on prayer-mats and hurled grenades into the rows of worshippers, come from among us," the editorial said.

"It is of course ironic that the killing took place during Friday prayers - marring an occasion that is most sacred to Muslims. The men behind it clearly have no faith, no morals and no humanity," it went on to add.

The editorial stressed on the need to realise the that the attackers come from inside the country, so that they could be prevented from repeating their brutal activity.

"There is every reason to believe they are not Muslim - on the basis that no true believer would be capable of such brutality, for Islam preaches tolerance and peace and love for all. But they are not outsiders planted by enemies. This is a reality we need to accept so that we can combat it," it concluded. (ANI)

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